I hope to put all the fantastic training into practice

I hope to put all the fantastic training into practice

Posted on 20. Jul, 2011 by in Rider Development Programme

The latest news from the Scotts of Thrapston Rider Development Programme and Sarah Orr …

Since our last XC Session, Bugsy has been rested and assessed by the vet.  Thankfully I have been given the ok to bring him back into work. Starting with walk, then gradually introducing trot, followed by canter. If things go to plan we could be jumping within the month.  However, competing at Carlton Horse Trials at the end of July is, sadly, no longer an option.

My aim is to compete in one last affiliated event in September and to hopefully leave this season on a good note, with the hope to go on and do a full season next year and put all the fantastic training I have had into practice.

After months of training it’s such a shame to be missing Carlton on the 30th-31st July but I shall definitely be attending on foot to cheer Alex, Janet & Henry on!

Sarah Orr

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  1. Janet Hammond

    21. Jul, 2011

    Oh Sarah – such bad luck. Although great news that Bugsy is back in work. Horses can be such a joy, but also can bring such frustration. It will be lovely to see you at Carlton as a supporter! At the start of the season I never thought I was going to get there, but at the moment we are on track, following our exciting 2nd place at Bury Farm.

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